Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paradigm Shift?

I was frankly a bit thrilled by this little news nugget on Designboom announcing that uber-firm West 8 had replaced Frank Gehry for the the Miami Lincoln Park project. "The 2.5 acre park will serve as an entrance to the gehry designed new world symphony scheduled to open in january 2011. it will also provide an outdoor venue for concerts and expansive green space. "

:: simcoe wavedeck (toronto) - image via Designboom

The article mentions fee and other issues, but who knows the real story. Sign of the times...? Well maybe it just makes sense for a landscape architecture firm design the park. But I still had to laugh on the inside a bit.


  1. It was about budget. Gehry wouldn't budge on his fees and they opened it up to a Hines-managed proposal process.

  2. A very forward thinking design, but I'm wondering how this bridge allows for appropriate accessibility? Probably just one one of many access points but the picture has got me curious. Stylistic design for sure.


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