Sunday, August 2, 2009

Design Observer + Places

A heads up from @Space2Place on Twitter (i'm sorry I just can't for the life of me us the word 'tw@et' in a post) offered a couple of great resources. First, I don't know how I had missed this one, but a great site called Design Observer offers a fantastic array of writing on a wide range of design topics. You can also follow them at @designobserver.

In addition to some great content, I was pleased to see that portions and excerpts of one of my favorites, Places Journal and news that they have abandoned (sadly) their print exoskeleton and will be existing in the future as an online journal. From the site: "This spring we published our last print issue. This fall we will make a full transition to the web and launch our new, open-access site. Places online will feature a mix of refereed scholarship, topical essays, timely reviews, and project portfolios. Until then, we are pleased to offer selections from the archives."

While I bemoan any printed journal no longer occupying physical space (although the $15 per issue price tag was a bit steep), I think it's probably one of those inevitable trends... It is pretty great to be able to access all of the fine writing and scholarship online - in downloadable PDFs... for instance, one of my favorite recent issues 'The Future Metropolitan Landscape' which is full of great information on some recent landscape urbanist theory. Check it out.

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