Monday, September 7, 2009

Animal House

An interesting urban habitat from Inhabitat, "...Gitta Gschwendtner’s Animal Wall is for residents of all species in Cardiff Bay, UK. This 50-meter wall includes 1000 houses for birds and bats, and also acts as a textural and geometric sculptural divider between a residential development and a river front."

:: image via Inhabitat

I'm not sure if bats, birds, and other urban fauna are fans of modern brutalism (compared to parasitic organicism or perhaps vegetated blobitecture), but I'm guessing an abode of woodcrete is probably not bad digs, considering the range of urban options that wildlife occupy to make due in the city. These come in 4 different unit floorplans (all studios, furnishings by owner) and at an affordable square foot cost. As visitors move in in the spring, it'll be interesting to see how successful this particular urban housing project will end up.

:: images via Inhabitat

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