Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Fake Trees

And They're Pretty Handy if we are Attacked by Giant Interstellar Swarms of Flies:

:: image via Inhabitat

Via Inhabitat: "A report published last Thursday from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME) suggested that a forest of 100,000 artificial “trees” could be “planted” near depleted oil and gas reserves to trap carbon in a filter and bury it underground. The carbon suckers look more like fly swatters than actual arbors, but researchers say that once fully developed, the “trees” could remove thousands of times
more carbon than a real tree."

Oddly enough, these even make our typical interstate highways look better. Then again flyswatters, although removing lots of carbon, don't have the multiple benefits of real vegetation.

:: image via Inhabitat


  1. 'Fake trees' to trap carbon? This must be some kind of joke. How much carbon is emitted to build one of these contraptions and how is this not enabling our current carbon situation?

  2. Yeah - I had the same reaction... techno-solutions rather than natural solutions - something about bio-mimicry without checking with nature to see if it needs mimicry in the first place?


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