Sunday, September 6, 2009

Off Grid 2.0: Healing the Damaged Edge

The ideas competition Off Grid 2.0, sponsored by the California Architecture Foundation, recently announced a slate of winning entries under the theme 'Healing the Damaged Edge'. Definitely take some time to get into the full size PDFs as these thumbnails don't give one the full picture, and there aren't any project statements. A range of graphic styles and interesting ideas that fit into the concept of what the 'edge' is and can become.

Some background via the competition site: "The 24-hour life of the urban fabric of our communities is affecting not only the natural environment, but human health and wellbeing. As the human "footprint" continues to expand, issues surrounding sustainability rise to the forefront. The design and construction industry’s efforts to improve building performance are slowly being adopted…but now is the time to develop unique solutions to respond to these global problems. ... The competition involves finding sustainable solutions for urban infill projects with a zero carbon footprint. These solutions do not necessarily require a built solution – concepts could include providing innovative community development strategies, development of sustainable public policies, infill development concepts, natural resource conservation, multicultural issues, or creation of new materials or systems."

Professional Honor Award + Top Award Winner
by Phoebe Schenker, Emily Bello, Janika McFeely, EHDD Architecture

Professional Merit Award:
Yevgeniy Ossipov, Anderson Anderson Architecture

Special Jury Commendation:
Andrew Dunbar, Zoee Astrachan, Arjun Bhat, Jon Ganey, James Munden, Darren Perry, Amy Wolff - Interstice Architects

Student Honor Award:
Garrett Van Leeuwen, Cal Poly Pomona

Student Merit Award:

Katinka Suedkamp and Laura Duhachek, NewSchool of Art and Architecture

Thanks to Darren Perry at Interstice Architects for the heads up on this one.

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