Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reinventing Cities Winners

The finalists for the Reinventing Cities competition have been announced. This open ideas competition was aimed at reinvisioning 'new urban infrastructures'. It's hard to tell too much about the entries themselves w/o any appreciable explanatory text to accompany them, but some views of the graphics. I hope we can get more detail about the entries and winners to see what is behind the graphics.

1: take smoke, makes water - 100m2

2: dynamic transformation in border condition - pyo arquitectos

3: living the outsite - rita topa

4: performative landscapes - david newton

5: infrastructural armature - fletcher studio

In related news, the entry by myself and Brett Milligan '(re)volutionary infrastructures: urban ecotones' (entry #2804) was one of the 9 additional selected projects that were included but didn't officially place. As there were over 200 entries, it's a great honor to be included in this group. Look for some more info as these get collected in publications... for instance an upcoming issue of future architecture magazine. More soon.

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  1. hey, congrats! i know a team from seattle that entered that competition but hadn't heard winners were announced.


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