Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quest for the Livable City

For an upcoming seminar class that myself and my colleague Brett Milligan are teaching in the Winter Quarter at the University of Oregon Architecture Program here in Portland, I've been doing a good bit of research on our local planning. Look for some upcoming posts here and at Brett's blog FAD on the topic of Portland's Urban Edge.

:: Portlands Urban Growth Boundary

The class will investigate the phenomenon of the Portland Urban Edge in . One recent resource that I picked up from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is an hour-long documentary called 'Quest for the Livable City', part of their Making Sense of Place Series.

:: image via Northern Light Productions

I just finished watching the DVD and it's a great overview of some of the pros and cons of our unique system of land use planning, a passable primer for understanding the edge in a number of ways. Check out a quick trailer here:


  1. Wanted to add that I came across an interesting paper recently that looked at the UGB through a different lens. Carl Abbott and Joy Margheim wrote a wonderful paper in 2008 about the conceptualization of the boundary and how it shapes the way we think about urban and rural areas. Quite a good piece.

  2. Thanks... I had a copy of that article I'd been carrying around and finally read last evening... great stuff for some upcoming posts.


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