Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On Weather

Via InfranetLab, a fascinating book that looks interesting is entitled '-arium: Weather + Architecture' spawned from a research investigation at the University of Toronto. With a cursory glance, it looks to be something of the same genus (at least in overall ideology) to that of Gissen's recent book Subnature - which provides a focus more on process and environmental ephemera than architectural product.

:: image via InfraNet Lab

A bit of background that sets the hook: "The dynamic, turbulent and unpredictable forces that comprise the weather are shared by economic cycles of production and consumption. We are at the cusp of an intriguing moment wherein the cycles of economics and weather have collided to instigate a new green economy. The consumptive aspects of ‘green’ have granted architecture a moment to explore its nemesis – instability and disorder – the key characteristics of weather... Composed of three sections – The Weather Report, The Weather Forecast, and The Weather Outlook – that respectively, research, design and theorize on weather and architecture, -arium offers a guide for both architectural designer and critics.

As we embrace a new fluid methodologies that incorporates chance and flexibility - uncertainty and process over time - weather seems a challenging and necessary topic to incorporate into our work, and a focus on the connections between weather and architecture makes perfect sense. Pick up a copy online here.

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