Monday, February 1, 2010

Branches: Urban Agriculture

I found an interesting and complex graphic on the many facets and interrelations of urban agriculture via the site Urban Agriculture Worldwide, which is published by David Mason and tracks his journeys investigating UA examples around the globe from 2006-2009. The site has immense amounts of information (and is frankly frustrating to navigate) so I've barely scratched the surface of what it contains.

One aspect, that, although in desperate need of some Infographic assistance for legibility, offers a complex web of interrelationships within UA within a post 'What is Urban Agriculture?' Click the graphic below to expand the image into a more legible version.

:: image via David Mason, Urban Agriculture Worldwide

Each of the subsequent branches spin off into a series of subgroups investigating ideas such as Sustainability, Planning, and Economics. I've isolated a couple of the images below to give an indication of what it contains - add flash and some hyperlinks, and this could keep someone occupied for weeks.

:: images via David Mason, Urban Agriculture Worldwide

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  1. This is a fantastic and the easiest way to understand the Urban Agriculture. I think i need to give it some more time to understand it thoroughly. I have understood the Planning branch of Urban Agriculture.


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