Saturday, February 20, 2010

Metropolitan Field Guide

University of Oregon landscape architecture graduate and now Seattle resident Kelly Brenner has an interesting blog called 'The Metropolitan Field Guide' which focuses on design for urban wildlife habitat. As a self-professed generalist which tends to take me on ADHD-addled tours of pretty much everything, I'm a big fan of folks who aim to provide content based on specific elements of the urban landscape. This is a great addition with both practical and creative ideas around the theme.

:: image via Metropolitan Field Guide

Some recent posts include a riff on habitat and large green roofs, the interesting Cardiff animal wall (seen here on L+U), and the Biornis Aesthetope (seen here on L+U). Another interesting post includes some of the adaptation of urban fauna, similar to a post I remember doing a few months back showing a bird nesting in the housing of a street light. This photo of a nest made from scrap wire is indicative of the resilience of many species in using what is available to them.

:: image via Metropolitan Field Guide

Looks like she's just getting started, but if urban ecology and habitat is of interest - add this one to your feeds.

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