Thursday, March 25, 2010

[Fill in the Blank] Urbanism

I attended a pow-wow recently - aimed at discussing the state of landscape urbanism theory and it's past, present, and future implications for planning, urban design and landscape architecture. Amongst many other interesting thoughts (more to come on this), one aspect of the conversation that stuck in my brain stuck was the recent (maybe?) upswing in the use of paired terms ending with the term 'urbanism' to describe a range of theoretical positions related to all things urban.

The general definition of urbanism fits a wide range of situations, making it an evocative word with easy addition of a modifier. Via Wikipedia: "Urbanism is a focus on cities and urban areas, their geography, economies, politics, social characteristics, as well as the effects on, and caused by, the built environment."

I was inspired to do a quick Google search and glean all of these pairings - leaving many upcoming MONU titles in the future...

New Urbanism
Ecological Urbanism
Future Urbanism
Green Urbanism
Resilient Urbanism
Infrastructural Urbanism
Sustainable Urbanism
Emergent Urbanism
Participatory Urbanism
Walkable Urbanism
Everyday Urbanism
Real Urbanism
Clean Urbanism
Border Urbanism
Exotic Urbanism
2nd Rate Urbanism
Beautiful Urbanism
Brutal Urbanism
Denied Urbanism
Political Urbanism
Middle Class Urbanism
Paid Urbanism
Post-Traumatic Urbanism
Big Urbanism
Agricultural Urbanism
Open Source Urbanism
Opportunistic Urbanism
Instant Urbanism
Unitary Urbanism
Bricole Urbanism
Slum Urbanism
Networked Urbanism
Bypass Urbanism
Gypsy Urbanism
DIY Urbanism
Integral Urbanism
Inverted Urbanism
Vernacular Urbanism
Pop-Up Urbanism
Nuclear Urbanism
New (Sub)Urbanism
Informal Urbanism
Behavioral Urbanism
Temporary Urbanism
Braided Urbanism
Trace Urbanism
Market Urbanism
Propagative Urbanism
Radical Urbanism
Disconnected Urbanism
Magical Urbanism
Recombinant Urbanism
Guerilla Urbanism
Dialectical Urbanism
Stereoscopic Urbanism
Holy Urbanism
Retrofuture Urbanism
Digital Urbanism
Micro Urbanism
Parametric Urbanism

I'm sure there are 100s of others - but it's an interesting phenomenon. Have a favorite?


  1. (T)urbanism



  2. I always liked this site that has been around since June 2000 for the Venice Biennale. It was a dynamic dictionary of the contemporary city.


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