Sunday, March 14, 2010

Smart Wayfinding

A very interesting project spotted on Designboom: " part of the lighting plan in montreal, the quartier des spectacles explores the possibilities of light for creating signage and expressing identity. lead by designers ruedi baur and jean beaudoin from montreal architectural design studio int├ęgral, this recent pilot project experiments with projecting light onto the pavement to mark the urban landscape. this intervention, realized as part of the montreal all-nighter, brings together light and graphic design"

:: image via Designboom

The implications of this type of installation in cities is interesting, as it moves away from the static insertion of 'lines and signs' for safety and wayfinding and utilizes the range of urban surfaces for these purposes. Ideas of being able to adjust crossings during peak periods, or announcements of upcoming events with directions on how to get to them. The ideas of constantly changing the surface treatment also aids in keeping drivers on their toes, in effect slowing traffic and giving a significant portion of the streets back to the pedestrians.

:: image via Designboom

The opportunities to continue this onto sidewalks and integrating into the facade treatments, creating a new integrated, smart system of urban wayfinding with a range of possibilities.

:: images via Designboom

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  1. Doesn't this run the risk of diminishing users' familiarity and, accordingly, comfort level with these ever-changing spaces? To a point, I think this graphic projection can be useful, if it is programmed properly. I can also see it deterring those who aren't already familiar with the area.


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