Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hollywood un-der-lined

An interesting proposal from a team comprised of Bart de Lege, Jan Bloemen, Frederique Hermans, Joep verheijen, Steven van Esser organized as Save the Sign. A brief description of the project is found below, with an eye towards merging of cultural heritage - the Hollywood Sign- and a valuable project area by tucking the installation below the iconic landmark.

"Why not do an exercise in which we make the holy Hollywood Sign more accessible to the big public, without changing the image. Why not do an exercise where a mild architectural addition honors the symbolic value without changing the wording? Why not do an exercise that safeguards the existence of the wording, but still generates an economical and touristic added value for the region.
The term 'Hollywood' grasps the mental landscape and the realm of the film industry."

Why not literally draw an outline underneath the Hollywood Sign that does justice to this historical spot and symbol. Why not create a program that provides for various activities on a specific theme: a location for the Oscar Ceremony in a polyvalent theater, a hotel, a film museum, a scenographic park with a panoramic view at the city (for reference: Park Guell by Gaudi in Barcelona), a trendy bar & restaurant, a conference room, a casino, etc...

The design - that emphasizes the word Hollywood - not only contributes to the region as a whole, but at the same time provides added value to the American film industry. We take that in the most literal sense: the design underlines the word 'Hollywood'. In this strip, mostly embedded in the mountain, all kinds of functions can be integrated.

The space that emerges on top of this strip will serve as a public area like a square or park. ‘The place to be’ - in between, around and in front of the ‘holy’ letters. At this square, stairs, patio's and gardens stretch out which create a link between all functions and provide them with sunlight and air. The strip is designed in such a way that the existing letters will remain visible from all viewpoints in their original form and presence.
The proposed design will generate a financial return on investment and simultaneously rescues the symbolic heart and soul of Hollywood."

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