Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reading Owens Lake

One of my favorite chapters of the great Infrastructural City (read my review here) is the chapter by Barry Lehrman entitled 'Reconstructing the Void: Owens Lake' which delves into the 'accidental preservation' of the Owens Lake basin due to the depletion of water resources as they were diverted to Los Angeles. As part of the mammoth 'reading circle' on the book, Lehrman has posted some great stuff on the genesis and background of the essay.

:: image via InfraScape Design

It's a delight to hear Lehrman read the chapter, so definitely link to the 30-minute audio file and grab the headphones, as it's an interesting take in the author's own words.
I'm sure there will be more interesting tidbits from the gaggle of smart bloggers rummaging about in the book and finding heady, insightful, and multi-syllabic ways to intelligently parse the text - but the words from the author's mouth (literally) are a fascinating 'read' into this chapter worth checking out.

:: image via InfraScape Design


  1. Love to have you jump in, Jason, if you have something more to say about one of the chapters.



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