Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Landcast by Christian Barnard

Dubbed with simple terms as 'the voice of contemporary landscape culture' - LANDCAST is a new series of podcasts from fellow landscape architect and blogger Christian Barnard that approaches landscape media in a brand new way. With the help of radio documentarian Adrien Sala, the podcasts aim to be an irreverent and informative way to discuss landscape, architecture, nature and development.

The first episode featured Debra Guenther Landscape Architect and Principal at Mithun from Seattle - in a varied and engaging exploration of Living Buildings, vertical farms, the future of cities, and other cutting edge sustainable strategies the firm is working on worldwide.

I have yet to hear episode 2 - which should emerge around May 6th and features what (to me) is a familiar voice... but to others may register as a nasally drone... but don't let it turn you off... check it out.


  1. I'm looking forward to listening to Landcast! You might also be interested in Terragrams, a series of podcast interviews of landscape architects done by Craig Verzone -- lots of great stuff there, too.

  2. wow! how refreshing, I loved the Hugh Hefner hollywood sign bit in ep. 2..interesting way of looking at our industry. Looking forward to more.

  3. Fantastic work for only two episodes. So many podcasts are dreary rambles from some twit sitting in front of a computer. Love the quality. love the content.


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