Wednesday, May 5, 2010

you hold the gun!

A call from submissions for a student-run architecture journal KTISMA from the University of Oregon,with a focus on the temporal, changing, and dynamic nature of architecture, landscape and urbanism.


ktis’-mah: thing founded; thing created

a publication edited by graduate students at the university of oregon’s department of architecture. a focused forum of discussion about environments; how they are created, imagined, interpreted, presented, and questioned.

each issue of KTISMA is a platform for the conversations within the school to provoke a discourse at large.

issue #1: “you hold the gun!”

” . . . he wanted to arrest the flight of a gull so as to be able to see in a fixed format every single successive freeze-frame of a continuous flow of flight, the mechanism of which had eluded all observers until his invention. What we need is the reverse: the problem with buildings
is that they look desperately static. It seems almost impossible to grasp them as movement, as flight, as a series of transformations . . . ” -Bruno Latour, Albena Yaneva

motivated by Bruno Latour’s 2008 article “Give me a Gun and I Will Make All Buildings Move: An ANT’S View Of Architecture.” KTISMA asks for projects, of any printable media, that:

  • approach the environment as a “moving project”–beyond its imaging as something fixed and static
  • expand notions of communication (drawing, writing, photography, etc…) as an instrument of demonstration rather than representation
  • resolve the breach between linear representation to complex manifestation
  • demonstrate the multi-faceted and dynamic culture of architectural proposals
  • anticipate time-based properties of the built environment: decay, growth, modification, transformation, durations, and intervals

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