Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This WILL Cut Down on Blogging Productivity

Aside from the (at least impending) fact of summer, and general busy-ness at work - I thought I'd share my primary reason for the recent decline in blogging.

Recipe: Take one laptop. Add one dog running by and catching the cord bringing the works to the ground. The result - one really beautifully broken lcd screen (and luckily nothing else). It's been interesting to see how the crack has evolved over time - from a sharp 'v' originating at the point of impact to a much more smooth organic form. The only consistency is one postage stamp sized areas in the upper left corner that offers a hint of the screen activity below.

While I do have a setup with a monitor at work - most of the blogging is done at night - and my now importable laptop makes me a stationary being. Problem hopefully to be fixed soon!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Branden Born on Urban Ag

Cascadia Region Green Building Council:
Transformational Lecture Featuring Branden Born

Tuesday, June 15
White Stag Building
70 NW Couch

Urban Food & Agriculture: Making the Jump in Sustainability
Dr. Branden Born, Assistant Professor of Urban Design and Planning from the University of Washington, will offer his thoughts on how we can make the connection between equity and sustainability in regards to urban food systems in the Pacific Northwest. Branden, who recently featured as an expert panelist at the Living Future session Food for Thought: A Conversation On the Urban Agriculture Movement, published the study Avoiding the Local Trap: Scale and Food Systems in Planning Research.