Friday, August 13, 2010

Sodding Bridges

Although I did get stuck waiting for one of the many bridges today, my title for this post is more tongue in cheek than brit-inspired rage. Bridges are part of the fabric of Portland, and give our city much of it's identity while also serving as vital infrastructure connecting east to west (and north to south). While we currently are in the midst of a contentious debate about a future major bridge redo, it is perhaps fitting for us to recognize the essence of bridges, and their importance to our identity, as we debate what will be an expensive and long-lasting symbol of who we are. For these reasons, we endure the occasional bridge lift - and relish in the industrial beauty of our riverine skyline - in this case the 100 year old Hawthorne bridge.

:: image via pdxpipeline

The plans to cover the bridge as part of the Portland Bridge Festival a two-week celebration of our bridges. Of particular interest is the 'Brunch on the Bridge' which included covering the interior lanes with sod and opening the bridge up for a park for the day - to picnic and relax in this temporary linear open space.

:: image via Portland Bridge Festival

I missed the opportunity to make it down to check it out - but a shot to give you a gist - prior to the sod going away for a range of permanent installations around town.

:: image via OregonLive

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