Saturday, June 25, 2011

Introducing Landscape+Urbanism V2.0

Some significant life and professional changes in the past year has moved me away from the day to day updates to blog.  The outlet for me has always been personal, the breadth of content has been somewhat vast, owing to my generalist tendencies.  This suited me well and I spent a good amount of time reading other blogs and reflecting on what was out there.  At the time, the landscape architecture blogs were few and far between - and was a surprising joy to find others who enjoyed my schizophrenic ramblings (often in the late hours of the night!).  So i went back to the beginning and found this quote:

"My interest in landscape urbanism as a specific topic has been relatively recent, but upon discussion and further investigation, i realized that many ideas that i have been interested in over the years have threads in common with landscape urbanist theory, and really struck me as a vital theoretical outlet. My interests in general are diverse, so my guess is that the content will wander, but a concept like landscape urbanism seems to have enough breadth to accomodate a perpetual generalist."  (L+U, 11/26/07)
Sounds about right, but it definitely reminded me of the origins of the blog - which has always been to link practice to theory.  In subsequent years, I started my own firm, TERRA.fluxus, which has been a great experience.  I've also begun my Ph.D. program at Portland State University in Urban Studies, so it has all come full circle as my two major paths are the professional and the theoretical.  The amount of work in both these endeavors is immense, but also incredibly rewarding and continues to be every day.

So with the original idea in mind, I thought it time to rethink the focus of this blog... certain parts of me thought it had run its course but another side of me didn't want to see it die.  So I chose for it to evolve, much in the vein of my path, with more of a focus on the connections of landscape and urbanism, but with more of a original take on the subject that furthers my exploration in work and school.  The content will be less ephemeral but hopefully more thought provoking - and infinitely more interesting to me to share.  So, we shall see how it goes.

A new coat of paint, and a renewed (albeit somewhat different) approach to the blog - and I look forward to hearing comments.  And more changes to come.


  1. Jason - Looks great. Keep up all of the good work you do ... an inspiration to landscape architects, urbanists, designers + landscape urbanists everywhere. Practice + theory + ideas ... perfect.
    - Sarah

  2. I'm glad you are continuing ... it is natural for the blog to change as you change ... and that change is certainly no reason to let it go altogether. I'm up in years but new to this field (landscape architecture) and find your blogs inspiring and educational, and they many times lead me to further exploration.

  3. It is natural for your blogs to change as you change ... certainly no reason to end it altogether. I find your blog inspiring and educational, and many times it leads me to further exploration of one idea or another. I'm up in years but new to this field (landscape architecture) and have gained from your blog. :)

  4. Came across this blog a few months ago. Great work and I love the balance of theory. Looking forward to what develops more.

  5. Excited to see what's to come! I've always been a loyal reader.

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