Monday, June 27, 2011

New Blogs

As I mentioned, there is a virtual explosion of blogs covering topics of landscape and urbanism... meaning my reading list at one point topped 150 sites.  As I steadily pared this down (right now I consistently read only 3 feeds along with some targeted google alerts), I found much more time to actual read books, articles, and other media - and better yet, found some room to reflect and respond to these texts in a meaningful way.  The digital realm can become an overwhelming torrent of information, which is a full-time job to stay on top of sifting through and staying current - and there are some great sites out there doing just that.

I plan on cleaning up my sidebar links in coming weeks (and give my picks for the top ten blogs you should subscribe to), but wanted to mention a couple of new (to me at least!) ones that I heard about in the last week that you should check out.  Any others out there please let me know...

::  Resilient Urbanisms
::  Praxis in Landscape Architecture 
::  Birbaum Blogs (the always great Charles Birnbaum blogs on the TCLF website)

Coming this summer as well is the launch of landscape urbanism (dot) com - which aims to be "a space for interactive dialogue about landscape urbanism and what it means to design landscapes and urban spaces today. The creation of this site stems from a diverse team of designers, academics, professionals and thinkers around the globe."  In the spirit of dialogue and understanding, this critical forum will be very welcome in providing a multi-faceted perspective on what has become a hot topic of late.

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  1. Thanks for the recommended reading. I highly recommend and


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