Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Real

In contrast to the previous post of the ethereal, an amazing collection from Nigel Christian's blog 'This City Called Earth' which, in his words:  "combines my sociologist’s interest in theories of urbanisation, globalisation and post-nature with my photographer’s love of street portraiture and the hard beauty of the built environment."   The expansive group emerges by Christian collecting submissions from around the globe on his Flickr group of the same name, and will definitely leave you mesmerized by their beauty and diversity - sort of like life.

(Aerial view of Jodhpur)
(Relaxing in Portugal)

(Industrial area in Tacoma)

I could post about a million of my favorites - here's a few more... check it out for yourself and visit the site or flickr for citations and credits....

 (Street scene in Tokyo)

  (Unknown) - haunting image, no?

All images via This City Called Earth. 


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