Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Europe Journal: Signs of the Times

A photographic exploration of a few of the more interesting tidbits of signage from the recent travels to Europe.  Enjoy.

Sad day when you need prohibit street musicians (London)

Excellent advice for those from the states (London)

Creative sign manipulation (London)
The Catalan spirit continues (Barcelona)

Closeup of doors of the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)
Taking advantage of contrast on the Mediterranean Sky (Florence)
The Communal Water - Gaia Fountain in Il Campo (Siena)

A metaphor riffing on 'Dead End Street'?  (Rome)

Remnants of Roman Power - Obelisk in the Piazza de Popolo (Rome)

Cardinal directional markers in St. Peters Square (Vatican City)

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  1. This summer in RIga, Latvia there were a group of people who wrote nice thing on streets (Today you will succeed, Life loves you etc) and that was really amazing, that's what urban art is about!


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