Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shrinking Cities: Detroit's Agony (1990)

A clip that spawned a lot of conversation within our reading group, from 1990, Diane Sawyer reporting on ABCs Primetime Live, in a series called 'Detroit's Agony' - which looks at Mayor Coleman Young's legacy, and plays on Detroit as 'the first urban domino to fall...' [More after the video]

The shock of 'Devils Night', guns, drugs, and violence has changed to a different narrative in 20+ years, but not necessarily one that is any more positive - at least in terms of media coverage.  Is Detroit still the end of the road?  Is this just a continuation to the story?  Is what we are witnessing now is the continuation of the city as ruin?  Interesting history, if only one of the media itself and it's framing of issues both then and now.

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