Friday, March 9, 2012

Building a Bike Highway

The video of the presentation for GOOD Ideas for Cities is up, along with a nice write-up from organizer Alissa Walker from GOOD - so enjoy. Also check out some more detail, and download a PDF of the presentation over at the THINK.urban site.


  1. I like this idea, bikes won't be left out anymore :)

  2. There are a ton of challenges here. I won't call them problems, but challenges. I occasionally bike commute in the Los Angeles area and it is the worst, granted I am going 25 miles one-way. But some of the challenges we face with this type of bold move any where is:
    1. Implementation cost
    2. Maintenance cost
    3. Impact to local businesses where the bike lane separate the driver from the business, both visually and being able to parking in front.

    These to name a few. There are obvously various degrees of implemention. If I had a simple 3' wide bike lane, I would be happy. But I am an aggressive, confident biker.

    Good thoughts though. Come to the LA area and talk tot he regional powers that be.


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